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Where no geek has gone before – Josh Clark


Wow. One of the highlights of the conference. Josh has amazing insight into the future and real use of mobile and touch technology. “Everyday technology is hurtling into the world of Science Fiction, even magic”


Josh even tweets about his content, while he is making the points on stage!


Mobile isn’t a lite version. Don’t ask how to do less with mobile, ask how to do MORE
Your mobile is a sensor. How can we use these sensors to enhance the interface, and do more for the user?


Presentation is constantly deprecating. yet we spend so much time on it – we should not be building interfaces, but services
Emerging interfaces introduce the concept of ambiguous control, ie. a shared control among devices, where the primary controller shifts from one device to another depending on your context (the simplest example being Bluetooth car phones). Now we have social devices that share control and content. The challenge is how to create or imagine interfaces that deal with this.

The best touch, is sometimes no touch at all. The world around becomes your interface.

Grab Magic – Amazing!

Botanicus Interacticus: Interactive Plant Technology


The future is here. Minority report anybody?


AnyTouch, a tactile objects prototype


App overload – we need to shift to a just in time, not just in case model
Our devices should be loading content and functionality (read:services) when we need them, not just shoving every app in just in case


How do we design content and experiences for devices we haven’t even imagined yet?

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